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Excavating Services - Site Prep - Land Clearing - Demolition - Grading - Storm Cleanup

Pricing as of *2022 / Minimum 4hrs = ($1,200.00)

 • Small Track Loader (JCB 205T)………………….$125.00 Hr
 • Large Track Loader (JCB Telaskid 3TS8)…..$150.00 Hr
 • Backhoe (JCB Backhoe 3CX14)………………..$150.00 Hr
 • Mini Excavator ……………………………………………$125.00 Hr

We provide FREE ESTIMATES.  Call and ask to speak with our Excavating Representative.  (636) 236-8510

*Hour Rate includes Equipment & Operator.  Some projects may require additional equipment, material, labor, fee’s and charges, due to unforeseen, structures, obstacles or utilities not visible or noted prior to project start.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.

St Louis MO Residential, Commercial, Demolition, Grading & Retaining Walls

2DUMP IT™ Excavating Services St Louis MO, provides Site Preparation, Site Clearing, Structural Demolition and Removal, Concrete Demo and Removal, Retaining Wall Demolition and Building. 

If you are looking for a Contractor in St. Louis with heavy equipment for your construction, remodeling or property improvement project, give 2DUMP IT™ Excavating Services a call.  If you need to rent a skid loader, excavator, track-hoe or a mini excavator for your project then we may be an affordable solution.  Many times it is much cheaper to hire 2DUMP IT™ Excavating Services than renting equipment.

Renting equipment has additional cost above the daily rental rate.  Many rental companies will require a rental deposit for insurance up to $500.00 – $1,000.00 hold. You will have transportation cost, labor to pickup or have it delivered.  Some equipment rental companies will charge additional fees if equipment is not clean or refueled upon returning.  Not to mention, you or your buddy may not be an experienced equipment operator and your learning or relearning curve may delay or add additional cost to the budgeted schedule.  If you are a homeowner or contractor and have a small project, most of the time it is cheaper to use our services.

For affordable Equipment/Operator Rates give us a call.  636-236-8510

Contracting Us:  We are Professional Operators who do this daily.  We have the equipment and tools to get the job done right!

Renting:  You are under pressure due to lack of experience, time and money thus jeopardizing the look and quality of your project when finished.

Contracting UsWe have the equipment and we know how to operate it most efficiently, thus speeding up project completion times.

Renting:  Doing it yourself may require learning or taking time to get use to the machine, thus costing you time and money!

Contracting UsBecause we have the equipment, tools and experience, we do not have to stop and get tools, materials or rush to get done in time to get the machine back before the rental time expires and cost you more money.

Renting:  When you rent the equipment, the clock doesn’t stop ticking because you forgot the necessary tool or materials and have to leave to go get it.  Now you are in a hurry and things get broken or damaged because you have to get the equipment back before the rental store closes.  What if there is traffic and you can’t make it, now you have to do it again the next day.  That cost you extra time and fuel!

Contracting UsWe have fixed hourly rates.  Small projects can usually be done within a 4-6 hour window.  Because we own the equipment and our operators are good at what they do, we can keep cost down by working most efficiently as long as there are no unforeseen obstacles below ground.  Example:  Within 4 hours:  *$600.00 Minimum.

Renting:  When you rent equipment, most rentals facilities will require a hefty deposit on top of the rental rates so they can cover any incidentals or damage to equipment.  Also, take in account your time and possible transportation vehicles in order to pickup and return the equipment.  Most skid steers, mini excavator rentals will require a minimum of a 3/4 ton truck or larger.  Otherwise they will charge a delivery and pickup fee in order for you to use the equipment. All of these extra fees will most likely cost you more to do your project than just calling us to begin with.

2DUMP IT Excavating Services.   Call us today!  (636) 236-8510               *Prices are subject to change without notice.

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