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2DUMP IT™ Rubber Tired Dumpster Rates

Rubber Tired Dumpster - Wheeled Dumpster

2DUMP IT™ Rubber Tired Dumpster Rentals:

Rubber Tired Dumpsters (RTD) sit on four wheels like a vehicle
"DRIVEWAY SAFE" Rubber Tired Dumpster will NOT DAMAGE your drive
NO Permits (most) city municipalities do not require a dumpster permit
3 Dumpster Sizes Available: 10, 15, 20 Yard Driveway Safe Dumpsters
Roofing Dumpster Rental:  Rates based on total roofing layers and squares.

Rubber Tired Dumpster Rates:

(10 Yard)
Dumpster on Wheels

(Includes: 2,000 lbs)
Size: 14' x 7' x 3'

Rent a 10yd Rubber Tired Dumpster: *$290.00
(15 Yard)
Dumpster on Wheels

(Includes: 4,000 lbs)
Size: 14' x 7' x 4'

Rent a 15yd Rubber Tired Dumpster: *$330.00
(20 Yard)
Dumpster on Wheels

(Includes: 6,000 lbs)
Size: 16' x 7' x 5'

Rent a 20yd Rubber Tired Dumpster: *$390.00

$ - Request Price Quote

(Price is based on total estimated roofing tearoff squares)
Dumpster on Wheels
(Includes: up to 45 Square)
Size: 14' x 7' x 4'

Rent a Roofing Dumpster: *Request QUOTE

*If total disposal weight exceeds the included pounds upon disposal, we charge for the additional overages.
*Prices, Sizes and Availability are subject to change without notice.

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2DUMP IT™ Roll Off Dumpster Rates

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Rental Rates 12/10/2011