“First we would like to take a moment to say Thank You for visiting our website to find out what we have to offer. We would also like to thank all of you who have made this business fun and exciting over the years. Without you and your great reviews and word of mouth we would not be where we are today.”

“Thank you for supporting our Local Family Owned Business!”

Jason and Jill Wilson – Owners


2DUMP IT Dumpsters, Dumpster Rentals and Excavating Services is a local family owned business that started in 2007. We currently service St. Louis and the surrounding counties both in Missouri and Illinois.

We are unique in the Waste Management, Rubbish and Refuse Industry because our Rubber Tired Dumpster System will not damage driveways or sidewalks. We do not need a lot of space to maneuver like a large trash or roll-off truck when placing a dumpster. Unlike most roll off dumpsters, there is no need to place plywood or wooden planks down to keep the dumpster or container from potentially damaging the driveway.

Our dumpsters are on Rubber Tires and we make sure that nothing but our wooden blocks touch your drive or sidewalk. We will chock the tires and secure the dumpster before we leave. We can park our dumpsters on steep slopes in either direction. In many cases we can level the containers making them easier to load.

You will notice when you call 2DUMP IT for the first time, that your representative is very knowledgeable about renting dumpsters, types of trash, junk, construction debris and or rubbish that is acceptable, as well as being able to help identify the best dumpster size for your project. This knowledge comes from first hand experience. We do not use a call center to take our calls. This not only eliminates the middleman but it allows us help you quickly complete your task of renting a dumpster.

Most dumpster rentals take less than five minutes to schedule. We believe in Great Customer Service and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

If you need to purge your home or business of that unused junk, trash, furniture, appliances, carpet, flooring, remodeling construction debris and rubbish or have yard waste that you need to dispose of then give 2DUMP IT a call today. If you have everything ready to go and just need a dumpster to haul it away, then you can take advantage of our FREE Loading Service. We help you load the dumpster in exchange for not leaving it for 48 hours. Ask for details.

We hope you find our services to be the best and most affordable solution for your dumpster rental needs. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

We do have one question…

Have You Had a Good DUMP Lately?

Jason and Jill Wilson – Owners 2DUMP IT

Call 636-236-8510 to rent a dumpster


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