NO Yard Waste or Paint in Liquid Form – Additional Fees Will Be Charged.

These Items can be placed in the dumpster.

– Cardboard & Paper
– Lumber, treated & painted
– Mattresses & Box springs
– Plaster and Sheetrock
– Furniture
– Wallboard
– Plastics
– Glass
– Foam
– Electronics (Flat Screen TVs and Monitors ONLY, Computers, Radios) (Limited Quantities)
– Bricks & Concrete (Small Amounts, call to inquire)
– Carpet, Tile, Linoleum, Hardwood Flooring
– Steel, Pipes, Angle Iron, Sheet Metal & Cast Iron
– Siding, Vinyl, Aluminum & Steel
– General Construction Debris


– Rubber Tires*
– Refrigerators & Freezers
– Yard Waste**
– Rail Road Ties
– Telephone Poles

* RUBBER TIRES – Are accepted at no additional cost if they are precut into 4ths.  (Use a sawzall with steel blade and cut 4 inches above the round inner steel belt that mounts onto the steel wheel, cut both sides out, then cut across
remaining tread, cut into 4 equal pieces.)

** YARD WASTE – Does require an additional charge, however if yard waste is mixed with any other materials listed above or below then the dumpster will be returned to place of origin and unloaded and additional fees will be charged.

These Items are Prohibited by local landfills.

– Paints in Liquid Form*
– TV or Monitors (Flat Screens Are Acceptable)
– Pesticides
– Household Chemicals
– Biomedical Waste
– Waste Oils, Oil Filters & Containers
– Hazardous Waste Materials
– Industrial Waste
– Septic Tanks & Waste
– Liquid Sludges
– Gasoline Cans & Tanks
– Asbestos

If any of the above prohibited items are found buried, mixed, hidden, exposed or leaking at time of pickup, the driver has the authority to unload the dumpster where it sits, no refunds or credits will be given. If the items are easily accessible and the driver can quickly and easily remove them, then a minimum $50.00 charge will be added. If items are found at time of disposal and or they have leaked or damaged equipment or property, then additional labor, repairs, transportation, disposal fees, fines, penalties and legal fees will be charged to the facilitating person’s credit card at a minimum of $100.00 and or legal action will ensue. All disposals are recorded and can be traced back to facilitating address and person renting the dumpster.

* PAINTS  (Latex) – Can be disposed of in your local trash service containers as long as long as you follow this procedure.  Remove the lid from the can, in a well-ventilated area (away from sources of heat or flame, or other hazardous materials).  This allows the volatiles or fumes to dissipate, so that the latex paint will solidify.  Once the latex paint is solidified (dry and hard all the way through); the can and latex paint can be disposed of with the general trash.  Leave the lid off of the can, so the hauler can see that it is empty.

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Items Accepted 12/14/2011